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About Bella Rose & Co.

Thank you for your interest in Bella Rose & Co. First let me start with a short biography letting you into my world. My name is Tiffany Pellegrino, I am the owner and creator of Bella Rose & Co. I personally make each bracelet by hand.

I am married to my amazing and supportive husband Eugene, and we are blessed with two beautiful children; Luca and Isabella. Our kids are everything to us and bring us the most joy and directly inspired the birth of Bella Rose & Co.

As the eldest of three girls, I spent most of my life accessorizing, and diving into my creative side designing and piecing together the most fabulous of things! Creating Bella Rose & Co was a natural evolution of who I was and who I am now, as a Mother. Creating art in the form of bracelets, taking the time to delve back into my creative side has been most fulfilling.

With my daughter and yours in mind, the quality of my jewelry is of utmost importance. I continually search for the highest-grade materials to make our bracelets both aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to last.

How the name Bella Rose & Co originated, Bella short for my daughter Isabella and Rose an angelic, constant inspiration.

While shopping one day I was approached by a stranger that told me how adorable my daughter looked with her arm decorated in beautiful bracelets. She went on to tell me how special it is to have a daughter and that she too had a daughter, her name was Rose. What she shared with me next would stay with me forever. Rose tragically passed away in her sleep, Rose had been around Isabella's age when she was taken. Then and there my heart was broken, I was brought to tears and felt so much compassion for this once stranger. I have thought about her and her daughter everyday since. I knew I had to find a way to honour her. So that is how Isabella & Rose Co came to be. With every bracelet I bead I think of Rose. An angel of inspiration. I have no idea where Rose’s mother is today but I can only hope one day she stumbles across my web page and feels something special when she reads her daughter's name; Rose.

Reminded how short and precious life is, I made it a vow to follow this dream of mine, and make it a reality, something I can share that could possibly bring a little more joy and beauty to the cherished moments we spend with our precious ones.

Tiffany Pellegrino
Owner and creator